Taranaki Home of Innovative Business

Taranaki Home of Innovative Business

It’s usually only when we’re flat on our backs that we fully appreciate the design that goes into medical Beds. But for over 50 years one Taranaki company has been making Beds and Stretchers with design in mind, and award-winning results.


With a mission to make patient care easier, Howard Wright take a design driven approach to not only creating their products but to their whole organisation, which is delivering results for the company, the health sector and the people that need them. One of the company’s latest products - an intensive care Bed called the M8 - has won prestigious design awards in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

All Howard Wright Beds are engineered and manufactured at their innovative and environmentally aware Taranaki factory using quality raw materials and precision engineering machinery. But it’s the research and development team’s understanding of human problems and solutions where the magic happens.

“Our design engineers consult with all users of our products from nurses and medical specialists to patients, orderlies and maintenance technicians,” says Chief Executive Bruce Moller. “By listening, questioning and observing we are discovering better ways to design products which ultimately aim to reduce patient handling, maintenance costs and be intuitive and simple to use.” Without many of us realising it, Howard Wright has been helping medical professionals look after patients since the 1960s, and in the process have created one of Taranaki’s most innovative and successful companies. www.howardwrightcares.com


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