Design Approach

“The R&D Team is motivated by user empathy. Our products are simple, smart and human.”

Anthony Batley
Research & Development Manager

Design is research and development. For our R&D team, it's all about understanding human problems and finding a solution.

At Howard Wright the people who design the products do the research. We work alongside all users of our products from nurses and patients through to maintenance technicians. Listening to, questioning, observing and discovering ways our products can make their lives and work easier.

How and where care is provided influences the way we innovate. It can be one small clever modification that makes a giant leap in comfort or manageability.

All design development and prototyping is tested to international standards, working closely with the Operations team.

In our model shop we can test ideas quickly and frequently. It means our full prototype models are more comprehensive and complete, so we can efficiently release a product that is right first time.

Every Howard Wright product is influenced by our design values. We term this Simple, Smart and Human:

Simple. Practical
Smart. Innovative and elegant
Human. Intuitive and empathetic

Our design approach has resulted in a range of medical beds and stretchers which are easy, safe, efficient and enjoyable to use.

Company Profile

Our commitment to excellent design never ends when we can improve people's lives and work. Since Howard Wright founded the company in 1963, we have quietly become a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution.


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