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M10 Ward and Compact Bed

In fulfilling our mission "to design our safest bed", the M10 Bed features new innovations to prevent patient falls, pressure injuries and cross infection.

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Latest News

M10 Bed features on Australian TV
Our award winning M10 Bed will feature on TV in Australia. Australia by Design: Innovations TV series, series 2, episode 4  SUNDAY 9th Dec... LinkView
M10 Bed wins GOLD Design Award at Best Awards in NZ
Our already award winning M10 Bed has won another Design award - This time a Gold Pin Design Award at the Best Awards in New Zealand. Well done... Link

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Our commitment to excellent design never ends when we can improve people's lives and work. Since Howard Wright founded the company in 1963, we have quietly become a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and distribution... View

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